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Meet The coaches

Explore our team of visionaries and experts for each of our programs. to learn more about a specific individual click profile to read more!
Ryan Shaffer

Business Development and Enrollments 

Melodie Hayes.jpg

Business Development and Enrollments

Tanner Gray.JPG

Director Salt Lake City


Director San Diego
My Atlas Life

Salt Lake City
Chris Berry.png

Life Coach - Gap Coach

Academic Specialist, Life Coach

Life Coach & Mentor

 Life Coach, Parent Coach, Music,

Job and Academic Coach, Remote Coach

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 15.56.21.png
Sohan Del Valle.jpeg

ICF Certified Life Coach


Community Outreach & Mentor

Dance, Arts, Music

Life Coach & Mentor


Life Coach & Mentor


Life Coach & Mentor

Keith RM Coach.jpg

Life Coach & Mentor


Life Coach & Mentor

Music Industry Coach

Kim Pacia Life Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Dog Support Trainer

Wasatch Fitness Academy.jpg

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Wasatch Fitness Academy


Life Coach

Counselor (CSUDC)

Billy Nicola.jpeg

Financial and BusinessCoach

GAP Prep & Coordinator

Entrepreneur Coach

Business Consultant

GAP Coach

Women's Business Coach

Wise Parent Coach, GAP Coach & Higher Ed Academic Coach

Johnny Tock Atlas Life.jpg

Partner organization
Spain Abroad

gap team and remote coaches

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