Meet The Team

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Director of Admissions
GAP Coach

Billy Nicola

Executive Director Salt Lake City

COO All Locations

craig pearson, m.ed.

Exectuve Director Boston

Joe Nagle

Program Director

Tasheena Stephenson

Academic Specialist, Life Coach

dan engel

Life Coach

Salt LAke City
Jess Baird

Life Coach

ICF Certified Life Coach


Allyson Loshin

 Life Coach

eileen rojas

Dance, Arts, Music

Life Coach

lori luckart

Life Coach

keith andrews

 Coach & Mentor

trevor price

Music Industry Coach

Ben Brown

 Life Coach, Music,

Job and Academic Coach, Remote Coach

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Wasatch Fitness Academy

Emotional Dog Support Trainer

damian trujillo

Life Coach

Counselor (CSUDC)

craig pearson, m.ed.

Executive Director - Boston & Puerto Rico

Alan Houghtaling

Director - Boston

Academic Director all locations

Life Coach

Miriam Ervin

Counselor, MA, LMHC

Life Coach

 Life Coach

sarah persha, ma

GAP Coach & Career Coach

Lara Oakley

GAP Coach

Women's Business Coach

randy oakley

GAP Prep & Coordinator

Entrepreneur Coach

Business Consultant

Ariana dabier

International Guide

Women's Empowerment Coach

gap team and remote coaches