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The first step to admissions is for you to call us at
385-200-0799 ext 1

During this call, it will be determined how Pacia can best serve a potential student. While it is OK for a parent or professional referral source to make the initial call to gather information, it is necessary for the potential student to set up an appointment for an interview.  During this interview, the potential student should be prepared to discuss their personal goals and which of the following tracks they see themselves following into:

7 Track Options (Students can focus on one or several):

  1. Self-Discovery: We will help you discover your passions and direction while building your resume in the process.  Our team will help build your confidence around a positive, profitable, and sustainable life path and support you as you launch into independence. 

  2. Traditional Academic (College & High School): Teaching sustainable self-reliance in college (executive functioning skills, study habits, managing social life, tutoring as needed and all competing collegiate commitments) with the intention of graduation with a degree. During the interview process, please be prepared to give updates on current college enrollments, academic test scores and any other information that helps us determine if Pacia Life can assist you.

  3. Non-traditional Collegiate Learning: a tailored combination of experiential learning, internship, certification, online or in-person complimentary academic coursework with the intention of career development. Generally, this option includes some college classes combined with job shadowing/apprenticeships and/or trade school options.

  4. Entrepreneurial Track: similar to #2 with the addition of business coaching, understanding the DNA of an entrepreneur, increasing one’s innovative capacity, catalytic questioning, crowdfunding, working with investors, building pro forma, marketing, accounting, state laws, taxes, etc. with the intention of starting a business. Turning an idea, hobby or passion into a career.

  5. Financial Self-Reliance Track: broad life skills, putting all of the basics together to live without parental fiscal support with the intention of sustainable self-reliance that is duplicatable in any new city.

  6. Wellness Growth Track: a custom multi-modal blend of mindfulness, wellness practices, relationship coaching, re-establishment of healthy social systems, life coaching, community service, GAP experiences (international and domestic), curriculum in the arts and crafts and trades. This is ideal for young adults who need time to mature, heal, explore, develop grit, grow resiliency, build self-efficacy, finding their intrinsic motivators and balance within their life pursuits.

  7. International Experiences  (GAP Year, Service Missions, Study Abroad, Cultural Immersion, Teaching, Etc.):  Young adults who seek to travel abroad for personal growth, education, to improve their academic applications, to improve their resume or just to have some cool experiences in life may seek to travel anywhere from 9 days to a year. Pacia Life, through our own locations and through partnerships, can help screen for what is appropriate, risk tolerance on both the student and the parents, mental and physical health, what the desired goals and outcomes are, etc to custom design an experience that is right for you.


The potential student should also have read the website and come prepared to ask questions about the Pacia Life experience. Once it is determined that the young adult is seriously considering one of the Pacia Life Experiences, and the financial guarantors are ready to move into the admissions process, the below online application must be completed and submitted. Once received and reviewed by the Pacia team, and the student will be notified of acceptance. Notification of acceptance or denial is generally done within 4 business days. Please note that by the individualized nature of the Pacia Life experience and a growing demand, we need as much advanced notice as possible to prepare for each student.

Ryan Shaffer

Ryan schaffer

Director of admissions
"Every person is unique with different strengths and goals.  At Pacia Life, we support your self discovery and help you realize your passions and dreams!"


“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”  - James Cash Penney

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