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clinically informed life coach, job coach, parent student coach

Ben has a unique, enlightened style of life coaching that has been developed from a wide variety of industry experience and a diverse educational background. 

Working with young adults since 2000 in a variety of settings, including wilderness therapy, group homes, and residential treatment centers, Ben has a gift for seeing the strengths in others that they can't see in themselves and teaching them how to use those strengths to overcome a variety of problems they may encounter in life. 

Inside of Pacia Life, as a Family Systems Coach and Family Dynamics Specialist, Ben has developed an intricate family coaching system using formal assessments to help young adults, and families get results. It is through the use of these systems in which Ben uses love and intuition to guide him in what is needed at that moment in time for that young adult and the family. 

Through his family coaching processes, he has a strong ability to teach parents how to ask the right questions in order to find and help families implement the right results for their young adult and strengthen the foundation of the family unit. 

Often, he will do remote family intensive work with students and families who are struggling in communication and understanding, helping them explore the new roles that each member of the family is taking on in an 'adulting' world. Additionally, Ben has been part of developing a systematic process in the Tatori Life Coaching model, trains other staff, and also engages in coaching sessions work with students and families in all locations. 
Ben's overwhelming success in understanding clinical challenges and his use of career assessments, resume building skills, and ability to engage students in entrepreneurial coaching to create careers, vocations, and unique college pathways are outstanding!
Outside of Pacia Life, he has coached high school gymnastics and taught music and English to boys with autism at Alexsander Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, and is an entrepreneur and small business owner. In his spare time, Ben enjoys climbing and plays a variety of instruments, including drums, piano, and produces electronic music. 

Ben has two college degrees in communications from Georgia Southern University and a degree in HVAC from the interactive College of Technology.

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