recomended reading

The tatori grand dream includes numerous  
outcome-based experiences

Book Resources

The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer 

For those working in level 3 Tatori, this is a must-read. 

The Code of the Extraordinary  Mind by Vishen Lakhiani - the founder of Mindvalley . 

This book may be the best guide out there to enhance level 1 Tatori.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy.

"Learning to think differently so you know what to do differently" - Randy Oakley

Not By Chance.jpeg

Not By Chance Yearbook by Tim and Roxanne Thayne.

The yearbook is full of advice, stories,  motivation, and includes 15 contributing authors.

It Starts WIth One.jpg

It Starts with One by  Stewart Black and Hal Gregorsen.  

See, Move, Finish Change Theory

Why Didn't They Teach Me This In School by Cary Siegel.

Learning simple personal money management principles is foundational for adulthood. 

Not By Chance Dr Tim Thayne

Not by Chance by Tim Thayne, Ph.D.

A must read for any parent that has a loved one in treatment.

The Feminine Path to Wholeness

The Feminine Path To Wholeness by Colleen Russell. 

A beautiful life coaching guide to inner peace!


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