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pacia life campuses

Pacia Life offers a number of options that include full-service locations that offer academic, vocational, entrepreneurship, clinical, and additional supports along with domestic and international gap experiences. 

During the initial interview, we will discuss the best location for each young adult. There are many factors in determining the best location for a successful start.



Participants are often referred to as students. In reality, they are creators.  Each location has different specialties, expertise, and opportunities.  At Pacia Life, we understand that many of life’s opportunities can come about simply by being in the right place at the right time.  That is why we offer various locations to choose from.  Each location has a primary niche and was chosen for a very specific reason.  That said, we will also tailor the experience at any location to meet the needs of individuals there.

We offer several options to choose from in regards to locations and housing that will be considered prior to arrival.  We will place each student in the situation with the specific life coaches and mentors that we feel will best fill the needs to achieve his or her goals and not just strive to succeed. We want all participants to thrive within that new environment.

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