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peak performance

As part of the grand lens in the tatori process, students are invited to participate in numerous outcome-based assessments that aid in the discovery of our best self.

What is quickly becoming a major game changer in hacking personal success, the Tatori 1080 uses scientifically validated assessments. These assessments are used in clinical, educational, and CEO/executive settings. 

For students who engage fully, the Tatori 1080 specializes in self-discovery, personalized nutrition, motivators, executive functioning, neuro pathway development, risk tolerance, adaptability to change, entrepreneurship, talent selection, leadership development, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, and much more.  

While the full battery of assessments takes three to four months to complete, the result's lead to strengths-based, life hacks, and life mapping that generally dramatically bring focus and direction to one's life. 

The Tatori 1080 is based on the concept of looking at all areas of our lives (360 degrees) but doing it three times over. Thus, 360 x 3 = 1080. 

Below are just a few samples of what the Tatori 1080 consist of. 

Neuro pathway symmetry

Currently only available in Salt Lake City:  Our trained technicians begin by using SYMMETRY Neuro-PT to do a qEEG Brain Mapping. From this brain mapping, each student receives an individualized peak performance plan. 

Once the peak performance plan is in place, each student will go through 30 to 50 brainwave pieces of training.  The training sessions are relaxing as the student watches a movie or something on youtube that is of interest while the neurofeedback technology does the rest. 

Over time, the brain learns how to produce these healthier brainwave patterns on its own. Negative symptoms decrease, mood improves, and trainees experience long-term positive changes.

Peak Performance designed to increase executive functioning,  memory retention, focus, reduce stress and anxiety and build resilience. To learn more, please visit 

Nutritional Psychiatry

If we want our bodies to perform at peak performance, there must be a balance between the right nutrition, body movement or exercise, sleep hygiene, and motivations. 

To begin, students have the option to send blood samples to a lab that help identify food sensitivities, needed nutrients specific for each person, and to rule out other possible concerns that could be more nutrition-related than clinically related. 


fitness assessment and plan

The next step is to combine meal plans with a physical health wellness plan.  Different things work for different people. Ranging from daily walks, hikes, yoga, pilates, running, tennis, sports, biking, weights, swimming, triathlons, and much more. 

While fitness alone is enough. Our purpose is to serve a greater purpose. The greater purpose starts with our own mental, physical and emotional health and moves on to the self-discipline required to serve others in our global community. 

While the fitness programs in each location do vary some, the general process is the same. 

Initial Assessment:

  • 30 to 90 minutes

  • A conversation that starts with the exploration of history, especially physical, but can also include behavioral/mental/emotional stuff if students care to share; this is important because it lets us get into stress, triggers, and responses

  • Goals and desires: life, health, fitness, performance, etc.

  • Assessments: body composition, strength, work capacity, mobility, etc., as appropriate for each student

  • Establish a "win" for the day that we'll attack during the assessment

  • The student leaves with "homework," specific stuff to work on (muscle engagement, stretching, nutrition, etc.)


The Self-Discovery module is the foundation of the Tatori 1080. It is strengths-based and also designed to uncover learning styles, personal challenges, or clinical needs that may be creating blockages to personal success. 

Much of the Self-Discovery process is the same assessments, tools, and projects that are used with executives running multi-million dollar companies, professional athletes, artist, entrepreneurs, etc. That is why the Tatori 1080 is referred to as a "Peak Performance" or "Consciousness Engineering" model. 

Some young adults, who lack real-life maturity will often think the early stages of this process are a waste of time. Those with more maturity or life experience find the process delightful and amazing. What Pacia Life coaches see is that the whole process seems slow at first but speeds up the end results by months or in some cases, years. 

Often, some of the first layers of these assessments and self-discovery begin in the first 48 to 72 hours of arrival. While the whole process still takes months, the ability to put our lives under the grand lens and grand mirror, discover our strengths and create action plans around those strengths, bring peace, self-love and action plans. 

Career and academic choice

Combining Abilities, Interests, Values, and Personality to find the best matches in selecting college majors, vocation, careers or entrepreneurship. 

Assessments and projects include a combination of informational and motivational interviewing, Grit Scale, Change Style, Risk Tolerance, the Betty Sherman, Greenwood 120, People Code, MBTI:ENFP, Personal Values and Motivators Assessment, Holland Codes, graphical resume builder, experience builder, social media appearance and more. 

The end project delivers career and educational pathways combined with an action plan. 

Financial foundations

Financial literacy, assessments, and action plans are essential for young adult success. 


Financial execution in life is highly tied to emotional regulation, executive functioning, impulse control, and long term dreams and goals. 

The ability to manage one's financial foundations is key to inner peace, security, and future outcomes. While they say that money doesn't buy happiness, we do believe that money and the ability to manage money does create essential options in life that lead to very different outcomes. 

Pacia Life coaches teach that it doesn't matter if you make $8 per hour or a six plus figure income, that the key is how you manage what you have. 

Financial assessments are intertwined with the self-discovery assessments and financial literacy, what do you know, what have you done on your own, credit reports, and much more. From all of the different information, an individual action plan is formed.  

Consciousness Engineering

Tatori 1080 is an essential tool for Peak Performance and Consciousness Engineering. 


How can you engineer your brain for enhanced education, vocation, relationships, life balance, social life, etc to get results if you don't do the discovery process first? 

Once you understand how to execute your personalized tatori and produce 55 to 75 hours a week of effort–then you can expect rapid growth in all areas of your life.