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Tanner Gray

Director Salt Lake City

Tanner was born and raised in the small town of Wylie, Texas. The youngest of three, raised along with primarily by a wonderful single mother who unknowingly taught him everything he needed to about character and resilience.


Football and sports in general dominated most of Tanner’s time and energy, while academics were placed on the back burner. High school came easy, but college studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was a different challenge. It was through adversity that Tanner fell in love with academics and applied research. After graduating, he went on to work at a cancer research hospital as a researcher in biophysics.


Something wilder was calling and Tanner moved to Utah to become a Wilderness Therapy guide working with adults on the spectrum, those battling addition, depression, and anxiety. He fell in love with group and individual therapy and creating lasting magical moments for young adults. After nearly six years, Tanner discovered the path of Life Coaching and how the same ideas can be applied to real-life environments and situations, setting people on paths towards their own greatness whatever that might be.


When he isn’t working with clients, you can find him somewhere above 10,000ft trail running, alpine climbing, or ski-mountaineering. 

It also introduced him to his life’s passion. Teaching and team building is where Joe feels like he can be his authentic self. The Scouts gave him a place to explore those skills. He was eventually given the opportunity to build his own challenge course. One of his proudest accomplishments.

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