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Melodie Hayes

Business development and enrollments

Melodie has spent her professional life working on her passion for helping others create the lives they want for themselves. Melodie started this journey almost thirty years ago, working as a skills coach for a non-profit residential population, working her way through different roles to the executive director position.  Melodie has also worked as Director of Admissions and Business Development with a non-profit educational organization that serves clients from all over the US and worldwide. Being a certified life coach, she believes empowering people to work through their life purpose is magical.

Melodie is part of a large and close-knit family, including a sibling with special needs, which inspired her to follow her passions and values of family and integrity. A mother of two young adults, Amanda and Logan.  Melodie personally understands the responsibility other families give to Pacia Life when they allow us to help and guide their family members.

Melodie is excited about sharing all the great information about Pacia Life and how the life coaches and administration are just as passionate as she is about helping others take the lead in their lives.

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