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pacia academic resource coaches

Education for students who need support, who are seeking academic acceleration, or for those who refuse to fit into the ordinary world

PARC support systems

college preservation coaches

Already in college and running out of gas? Need tutoring, executive functioning, or other forms of support? Care about your student status but need to reduce credits or take a leave?  

Overwhelmed and don’t want to blow the term? Need support? CPCs offer the concierge, targeted service of adding time management, assignment production, and evaluation, managing communication with college, medical or mental health care providers, supporting decisions to take a lighter load or apply for a leave of absence process.  Ideally, CPCs help you decide and preserve either current enrollment with wrap around support or help you take a personal gap term off and make the right decisions when you’re ready to return.

College Preservation Coaches
Hybrid of traditional college classes and apprenticeships

Traditional learner? Non-traditional interests? Love the trades and want a certification? Somewhere in-between? Whether you are an engineer in the making, passionate artist, or a future electrician, approach without fear.

PARC uses an array of specialists and proven interest assessments, combined with networking interviews in your field of interest, to support your search—you and your concierge college coach will team up and get it done, leaving no research or exploration or application undone. You will never hear “just do it!” You will hear, “let’s check that out together and architect the steps to success.”

Perhaps you are seeking ways to hack your education and career by creating a blended mix of college classes with apprenticeships in your desired field. PARC coaches can help you create this blended, non-traditional form of education.

An example of a hybrid education may include a student taking college music classes learning how to master and mix using pro tools software, studying one on one with a professional production engineer in the field at a private record label company, while doing an apprenticeship and job shadowing program at a local broadcasting company.

Hybrid Leaning
PARC Entrepreneurship Track

Students interested in pursuing the Entrepreneur Track will begin with the Peak Performance 1080 assessment to look for key thinking patterns, grit, resiliency, and passion to be enrolled.

Once the Peak Performance 1080 assessments are completed, students engage in a 30 to 60-day training to get them ready to begin the real work of being an entrepreneur. 


Students have reported that this experience is the most powerful experience of their lives but that getting a college degree might be easier.

Tatori – A change theory model based on a framework called Consciousness Engineering. How can you engineer your brain for enhanced education and results? Use Tatori, a change theory model based on the framework called Consciousness Engineering.

Once you understand how to execute this model, your education and personal life can produce 35 to 75 hours a week of effort–then you can expect rapid growth in all areas of your life.

Accelerated Learning Skills

College requires increased depth reading skills—today’s freshmen cite their surprise at the increase of both required reading and written assignment length. YouTube and Wikipedia prevailed in high school and continue in college, but if you are on the traditional BA or BS degree plan—get ready.

PARC provides the extra skills you can use: how to organize your load, prioritize your calendar, increase your speed of reading, improve mastery of comprehension, master quality, and quantity production. Students who have used PARC coaches, courses, and systems for accelerated learning report being able to take heavier academic loads with better retention, higher grades, and less study time—as well as a greater report of satisfaction in their overall college experience.

Need an example? One student reported that he took his reading from 180 words per minute (WPM) to an average of 1,200 (WPM) and improved his comprehension at the same time, homework time dramatically decreased, stress went down, and learning became fun and engaging.

Accelerated Learning
GAP Experiences and
Academic deferment 

GAP programs, international volunteerism, and international leadership experiences are proving to be a key component in the college admission process.

PARC personal growth track includes deferment of college admission or use of summer months to take on additional resume-building experiences that include both domestic and international travel experiences.

These experiences are often a significant shift in personal growth for a young adult as they experience distant lands, cultures, and become the giver and partner to those in need instead of the receiver. Teaching school while living in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, building personal self-efficacy while sailing the Caribbean sea off the coast of Puerto Rico, working on a dude ranch in Argentina or building schools and greenhouses in Peru, caring for orphaned children in South Africa or walking the pilgrimage trail across Europe. The list of available countries and opportunities shifts each year based on changing safety concerns, the strength of partner organizations, and political stability, all monitored closely through a large network of professionals worldwide.

Consciousness Engineering

Tatori – A change theory model based on a framework called Consciousness Engineering. How can you engineer your brain for enhanced education and results? Use Tatori, a change theory model based on the framework called Consciousness Engineering.

Once you understand how to execute this model, your education and personal life can produce 35 to 75 hours a week of effort–then you can expect rapid growth in all areas of your life.

Call today for a consultation to understand this cutting edge method of enhanced results.

Consciousness Engineering

Pacia Academic Resource Coaches (PARC) is college preparation, college preservation, and skills acceleration support model for traditional, non-traditional, and hybrid academic programs customized to each student’s needs. PARC consists of academic coaches, life coaches, tutors, educators, high school teachers, and college professors. With additional specialties of clinically informed life coaches and a network of college admission specialists, PARC Coaches are addressing the ever-growing need with college students.

PARC has six tracks or options:

  1. Traditional college preservation and support

  2. Hybrid of traditional college classes and apprenticeships

  3. Entrepreneurship Education

  4. Education Acceleration

  5. (GAP) Academic deferment for personal growth

  6. Conscience Engineering Courses


Within these six different tracks, services may include:

  • Credit Recovery and Credit Recovery Coaches

  • Completion of High School

  • Collge prep with ACT/SAT tutors, standardized testing, college selection, and admission

  • College and Career based resume building

  • 2-year / 4-year/ transfers from one college to another

  • GAP year, study abroad, service trips and cultural immersion experiences

  • The Pacia 1080 assessment (reviews strengths in career, academics, leisure education, social life, and beyond. Let’s focus on what you are good at)

  • Application coaching and reviews for first-time results

  • College and trade school decision guidance

  • Creating customized education and internship blends

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