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Kim Mikesell

Dog trainer and coach

Kim Mikesell
Owner of Life is Pawsible
Certified Trainer

To learn more about Kim:

Kim is an AKC certified evaluator, certified obedience trainer, and certified service and therapy dog trainer. She also serves on the Intermountain Therapy Animals Board of Directors.

Kim also understands the Life Coaching process and the value of capitalizing on the experience of training the dog owner is the real key to success! 

Kim has loved animals all her life but didn’t truly understand what dogs were capable of until a life-changing incident. After becoming involved with drugs, Kim spent some time in prison where everything changed. During her prison stay Kim vowed to turn her life around and earned her AA in psychology, as well as got extremely involved in the dog program and learned to train service and therapy dogs.

This is really where Kim’s love for training dogs flourished and where she realized that she wanted to not only help people but help dogs get second chances too.


Kim has been training dogs since August of 2002 and has plans in 2018 to start a nonprofit organization that helps ex-addict adolescents and young adults learn how to train service dogs.

Kim Pacia Life Emotional Support Animal
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