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stone angel music
& career coach

Trevor Price is a sound engineer, music coach, has his own band, and the owner of Stone Angel Music Recording Lounge. Stone Angel is a private label studio for world-renowned American Pianist Paul Cardall.  Trevor coaches young adults seeking to develop their music careers.  

As an independently contracted music coach, Trevor will work with Pacia Life students in both a career track or a hobby only track. 

Pacia Students do have to commit to a consistent schedule and work ethic to work with Trevor Price and the Music studio. 

trevor price, utah's best kept secret - blog written by joshua waldron

I have been a fan of Trevor Price for many years now. He has always amazed me with his melodies, lyrics, and most of all the emotion in his performances. He has had somewhat of a difficult musical journey because of his two very distinct writing styles. Its almost like he has two musical faces that constantly argue with each other as to which way to go. In most cases, this problem would cause a musician to produce records that have no theme, no direction, and would likely sound all over the place, but Trevor does not seem to have this problem. Although his records are very different from one another they seem to complement each other.


If you like Americana in a laid back no drums kind of way then Heart On Your Sleeve, Trevor’s first record, would be the one for you. His beautiful way of telling stories of love or love lost leaves you with a calm understanding of the way life is, fair and unfair all at the same time. Inspired by Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley, this record is laced with tasty guitar fills by Dylan Schorer and lovely harmonies from Atherton’s Ryan Tanner ( and Trevor’s wife Eileen. It’s the ultimate Sunday afternoon, relax on the sofa record that will not disappoint you. Get this record on iTunes.

Trevor’s new record “Say” is quite different from the first. For all but a couple of songs, you can forget about relaxing on the sofa. It’s a powerful, emotional, and driving record that holds it’s own with Muse, Coldplay, and Remy Zero. Say was recorded with a full band of very talented musicians from Utah but soon after the band was formed after the red light turned off in the studio, the band went their separate ways only to leave on of the best records to ever come out of Utah.

If you have not heard Trevor Price I suggest you give him a listen. Go to iTunes,, or now. Don’t wait or you will be depriving yourself of another day without Price.

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