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Emily Letts

Life Coach & Mentor

Originally from Pasadena, California, Lead Life Coach Emily Letts has called Salt Lake her home since 2017. Emily has over 5 years of experience working in the field of mental health including 3.5 years in wilderness therapy and additional time working in a psychiatric hospital.

Before making a large career shift into mental health, Emily graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual degree in Political Science and Chinese. She lived in China to study Mandarin and has traveled extensively around Europe and southeast Asia. After graduating, she lived in DC and worked for a large government agency. Two years of working in a cubicle was enough for Emily and she left everything behind to ride her bicycle across the country and find passion working in mental health.

Emily has experience working with teenagers and young adults dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, eating disorders, and self harm. She has worked with neuro divergent populations including with clients on the Autism Spectrum. She is a certified Clinical First Responder and is in the process of becoming a licensed therapist.

Emily is a certified yoga instructor and leads Pacia Life's 6 week Yoga and Meditation Training with students. She believes in making yoga and mindfulness accessible and approachable for everyone.

When she is not with students, Emily spends her free time throwing pots in the pottery studio, running ultra marathons, practicing yoga, and knitting lots of sweaters.

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