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guiding young adults in creating sustainable self-reliance in two or more of the six tracks listed below.

Using the Tatori Process we guide the dreams and visions of young adults from an idea into reality.

what we are

Pacia Life is a real-life, results-based, community-based academic and experiential learning experience with Clinically Informed Life Coaches®, College Education Specialists, Entrepreneur Coaches, international GAP experiences, Wellness Specialist, Business Coaches, and a strong community network of clinical staff as needed.

Pacia Life students use the Tatori method to extract and execute the power of intention combined with a set of measurable smart goals and next step actions within their personal life map in one or more tracks as stated below. All six tracks have the purpose of balanced sustainable self-reliance in the arenas of career/education, health, and wellness, fiscal management, friends/family, leisure management).

our 6 track options

Students can focus on one or several

Our clinically informed coaching and mentoring team customize a Life Mapping Plan designed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of each young adult.


Traditional College Learning and Life Skills Support:

Teaching sustainable self-reliance in college (executive functioning skills, study habits, managing a social life, tutoring as needed and all competing collegiate commitments) with the intention of graduation with a degree.


Career-focused, vocation, education and experiences:

A tailored combination of experiential learning, internship, certification, online or in-person complimentary academic coursework with the intention of career development.


Entrepreneurial Track:

Similar to #2 with the addition of business coaching, understanding the DNA of an entrepreneur, increasing one’s innovative capacity, catalytic questioning, crowd-funding, working with investors, building pro forma, marketing, accounting, state laws, taxes, etc. with the intention of starting a business. Turning an idea, hobby or passion into a career.


Financial Self-Reliance Track:

Broad life skills, putting all of the basics together to live without parental fiscal support with the intention of sustainable self-reliance. 

The financial self-reliance track typically includes career counseling, resume building for the now and future, a full-time job, financial coaching with the intention of meeting personal goals of self-reliance. 


Personal Growth and supports:
clinical supports, executive functioning, Meditation, Personal Education, life skills, etc. 

All students are engaged in the Personal Growth experience. 

Personal growth is a wide net of everything from personal self-care, therapy, mindfulness, nutrition, executive functioning, planning, hobbies, social life and more. 

This is ideal for people who need time to mature, heal, explore, develop grit, grow resiliency, build self-efficacy, finding their intrinsic motivators, and balance within their life pursuits.


domestic and international GAP year
GAP Year, Service Missions, Study Abroad, Cultural Immersion, Teaching

Young adults who seek to travel abroad for personal growth, education, to improve their academic applications, to improve their resume or just to have some cool experiences in life may seek to travel anywhere from 9 days to a year. Pacia Life, through our own locations and through partnerships, can help screen for what is appropriate, risk tolerance on both the student and the parents, mental and physical health, what the desired goals and outcomes are, etc to custom design an experience that is right for you.


Who shows emerging young adults how emotional regulation and integrity are tied together to create ‘grit’?
  • Who teaches our young adults how solution-focused thinking works in the real world?

  • Who teaches them that in an adult world, not everyone gets a trophy just for participating?

  • Who teaches them about resiliency in real life when there is not a parental or program safety net anymore?

  • Who teaches them how to select suitable close friends, significant other, and how important these people are to our overall success in life?

  • Who teaches emerging young adults to be more productive at work, how to build valuable networks, or to build a business or to obtain wealth?

  • Who teaches young adults to expand their mind or intuition or to live a life with meaning and fulfillment?

  • Who teaches our young adults to stop living in a reactionary state of emotional dis-regulation and how to access conscience engineering, living with intention and life mapping?

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