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Emotional Animal support

Salt lake city, utah
emotional support animal program  
Available in Salt Lake City

Depending on which program package is needed or chosen depends on the additional cost associated. Programs include:

  • Basic care for an existing emotional support animal

  • Obedience training

  • Emotional support training

  • Disability training

  • The selection of a breed from the very beginning 

Please call us at 385.200.0799 to set up a consultation. 


The Pacia Life emotional support dog program is a form of experiential education/therapy designed to not only provide our students with the unconditional love and companionship of a support animal but also teach our young adults to be nurturing toward others, to be the caregiver, teacher, to improve self-discipline, emotional regulation and executive functioning in the process.


Caring for and training an emotional support animal requires a lot of work, attention to detail, executive functioning, and offers a break from whatever disruptive thoughts or behaviors that are taking place in one's life (anxiety, depression, anger, learning disabilities, etc.).


Each training session, along with the homework, also gives our coaches a chance to observe, assess and interact with each young adult in real life metaphors to identify behavior patterns and process thoughts and emotions.


Some of the goals of the program are to help each young adult develop needed skills such as responsibility, accountability,  self-efficacy, problem-solving skills, emotional regulation, to protect their animal, to become the caregiver, the one who is the master of emotional regulation and of course, to give and receive love!


The program provides an innovative, experiential milieu in which the coach and the student can discover and address a range of behavioral and emotional challenges.


While working with dog training coaches, students have a unique and compelling opportunity to become aware of their tendency to engage in self-defeating and otherwise negative thoughts and actions. And, at the same time, students have the chance to give and receive love through building a mutually respectful relationship with their dog.


These realizations provide excellent opportunities for discussion and processing both during and after the program experience.


Our emotional support dog training program helps those who have challenges such as mood disorders, substance abuse, learning differences, addiction, behavior disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, autism, (Asperger’s), grief/loss, trauma, compulsivity, bipolar, depression and related conditions.


The program also trains students/owners to the behavioral liabilities, ethics, public responsibilities and daily care of the dog/emotional support animal.


As an additional side note:  We are very well aware of the American Disabilities Act, federal fair housing act, federal laws, rights, etc. We are also aware numerous states writing their own laws and restrictions that don't always align with federal laws. In many cases, landlords are suing and winning for damages, some people are abusing the law and getting fake documentation, etc.


Even though the federal government has one set of laws, many states either have or are in the process of drafting their own legislation around emotional support animals. Much like the federal government says it is illegal to possess marijuana, and several states have legalized marijuana anyway, the same thing is happening with emotional support animals. Many landlords and other organizations are pushing back against untrained, irresponsible abuse of the American Disabilities Act.  


It is our hope to be a part of the solution in promoting both the benefits of emotional support animals and the need for responsible care for the animal, the landlords, public areas, etc.

Opportunities include…


  • Basic care package 

  • Obedience training

  • emotional support program

  • service animal program

  • breeding selection

  • internship becoming a breeder and trainer

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