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domestic and international

Pacia gap experiences are different by design.


Using the Tatori life coaching process, each gap experience is individualistic and always include personal growth combined with education, vocation, service, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. 

Pacia gap experiences are designed to take students into the next chapter of their lives while deepening their practical, professional, and personal awareness. 

 Pacia Life is a results-based, individualistic, innovative, and the most up to date transformational life coaching experience available.

Pacia Life visionaries started actively using international cultural immersion, service, and exploration trips with the intention of personal growth in 2009.
“There is something powerful about watching a young adult go from being the receiver to the giver. From the taker in life to the one who is blessing other people’s lives”, says Sarah persha. 
Pacia Life students have spent time in Portugal, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Guatemala, and more.  

Pacia Life is a proud supporter of the GAP Year Association and partners with several non-profit service organizations throughout the world.

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