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Pacia Life Opens in Portugal

Press Release


Contact: Randy Oakley

Office Phone: (385) 200-0799 Ext 1


Cascais, Portugal – Pacia Life, a transformational living program for young adults ages 17 to 38, today announced the opening of a new location in Cascais, Portugal. This is the sixth location for Pacia Life with other locations including Boston Massachusetts, New Perspectives in Park City, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, Portland Oregon and Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Pacia Life Portugal is a full-service location that offers cultural immersion, educational services for both high school and college students, therapy, health, fitness, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, yoga, internships as well as excursion trips to other cities in Portugal, Spain and beyond. Pacia Life Portugal also offers clinical therapy, a health care team, and support if needed.

We work with students to execute their custom-tailored next-step actions so they can identify, curate, and work towards a future that is right for them,” said Randy Oakley, President of the Board of Pacia Life. “We customize life mapping plans designed to meet specific needs and characteristics of the student, ensuring each and every Pacia Life community member is receiving the resources they need to be successful.”
“I am thrilled to be a part of opening a new location in Europe,” says Sarah Persha, Executive Director of Pacia Life Portland and longtime advisor to several GAP year programs and associations. Persha adds, “As a member of the American Gap Association Advisory Team, I have long advocated for the personal growth that comes from young adults who take a GAP year.”

For more information on Pacia Life Portugal or any other locations, please visit or call (385) 200 – 0799 ext 1.

About Pacia Life

Pacia Life is a real-life, results-based, community-based academic and experiential learning experience with Clinically Informed Life Coaches®, College Education Specialists, Entrepreneur Coaches, international GAP experiences, Wellness Specialist, Business Coaches, and a strong community network of clinical staff as needed.

Pacia Life students use the Tatori method to extract and execute a set of goals and next step actions within their personal life map in one or more tracks as stated below. All five tracks have the purpose of balanced sustainable self-reliance in the areas of career/education, health, and wellness, fiscal management, friends/family, leisure management).

Students in Pacia Life participate in one or more of the following six tracks:

  • Traditional College Learning and Life Skills Support, teaching sustainable self-reliance in college;

  • Non-Traditional Collegiate Learning, a tailored combination of experiential learning, internship, and certification;

  • Entrepreneurial Track, similar to the prior program, but with the addition of business coaching;

  • Financial Self-Reliance Track, including broad life skills teaching and fiscal literacy;

  • Personal Goal Development, including life coaching, mindfulness, wellness practices, relationship coaching, and so forth; and

  • International Experience, covering gap years, study abroad programs, personal growth, and education.

For more information, click HERE

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