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AEE and GAP Year Association combine

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

AEE and GYA with Randy Oakley and Sarah Persha

Gap coaches Sarah Persha and Randy Oakley presented at the international combined AEE (Association for Experiential Education) and GYA (Gap Year Association).

Sarah Persha and Randy Oakley presented on some of the unique challenges and screening that must take place for young adults with mental and/or behavioral challenges. Discussions around safety concerns when proper screening doesn't take place, the concern that some programs are just accepting who ever signs up, and what the solutions are to the pre-screening process. Discussions around how to customize individual needs and experience through the use of proper screening up front and how young adults that would otherwise have a failure experience, can have a life changing experience for good!

Randy Oakley was invited to be part of the opening welcome to conference participates! Randy has an extensive back ground in experiential education and gap year experiences. Randy has also played a significant role in partnering and sharing expertise and resources to GYA and other partner organizations.

As gap coaches, Sarah and Randy work with a team of people and partner organizations to create individualized gap experiences for young adults who are transitioning from one chapter in their lives to the next chapter. These gap experiences can include:

  • Both domestic and international experiences are available.

  • Often, the experiences will include both domestic and international "linked experiences."

  • All experiences are built around personal growth goals with result based outcomes.

  • Sarah and Randy specialize in making sure young adults have additional life coaching supports as needed.

  • Different options include high school and college education, vocation, service, adventure, cultural immersion, internships, job shadowing, entrepreneurship, and adventure with personal growth intention.

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