My gap experience in Salt Lake City, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Guatemala.

Updated: Jun 15

My Pacia Life experience...

  • What were your primary goals when you came to Pacia Salt Lake City?

  • To get my life in a place that I could go to college.

  • To learn grit. To finish what I start.

  • To have healthy relationships in dating.

  • To be more confident.

  • To work on my emotional regulation.

  • To be a thriver, instead of just a survivor.

  • To serve others that need my help.

  • To be successful in college!

  • What steps did you take to reach your goals?

  • My primary life coach, Matt, was amazing. He had a way of being my best friend but pushing me to be my better self.

  • At times, my father struggled to understand my progress. He was supportive of course but he couldn't understand the details of it all. My father couldn't understand my Tatori sessions. Or how going to Haiti or Guatemala could help.

  • My time in Puerto Rico and Haiti with my life coach, Mark, was inspiring. Mark organized the trip and whole experience. He is an insightful teacher. To experience how people live without money. To see the work that was needed after the hurricane. To volunteer every day in a different place inspired me to want to do more non-profit work in my future.

  • What advice do you have for others?

  • "My advice is simple. If you are going to climb Mount Everest, the best chance of success is to follow the wisdom of those who climbed before you. I didn't always like being pushed by my coaches. But, I am a better person and more prepared for life because of them!"

To be honest, I didn't understand it all either at times. But, looking back, I am so grateful! My time in Pacia changed my life!


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