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Nepal, Africa, And Peru Before Starting College

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

“My current personal and academic success in college is so much more powerful because I took the time to do a GAP experience,” – Nick Bruzzo, a college student at the University of Redlands, CA. Nick was working with his College Educational Consultant Coach regarding getting into the best college choices. She pointed out that many of the top Universities are encouraging students to take a GAP year before starting college. She proposed several options, one of which was to connect with a personalized Pacia Life GAP Coach. Nick states, “My life forever changed for the better. There is no doubt that I am getting a deeper and richer academic experience, that I know a lot more about myself, what I want in life, have an ability to adapt to new environments and have made deep friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Nick said, “I never met my GAP Coach in person. He (Randy Oakley) lives in Utah, and I live in Washington. We did all of the planning, interviews, and details via SKYPE. At first, during the interview process, he asked me questions that I didn’t know the answers too. But somehow, he knew how to help me think deeper about my personal goals, intrinsic motivators and what I needed in my life. He knew which locations in the world would be good for my goals and which places weren’t right for me.” He was given assignments to prepare me for each of my three experiences. “While my GAP Coach helped guide and prepare me through each step, he expected me to do all of the work,” Nick states. “One of my most amazing experiences was celebrating my birthday in Nepal. Best birthday of my life. Sure, I bought my own birthday cake and the tons of cookies and soda but I was rewarded with the incredible joy of these kids. These are orphaned children who may never have had cake before. It stuns me that I could make them so happy just by turning 19… Thanks Kapil Devkota!” Nick’s first experience was three months in Nepal where he lived in a Buddhist Monastery, taught English as a second language to school kids and volunteered in an orphanage during the weekends.

After returning home for six weeks from Nepal, Nick then spent over a month in South Africa and another two months in Peru.

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