My GAP Experience - David

Summary of David's Gap experience in Salt Lake City and Nepal.

The Grand Dream - Tatori Life Coaching

  • Tatori goals included living a healthy lifestyle, personal focus, college degree, career development, entrepreneurship, healthy family relationships, six-pack abs, healthy social life, adventure and snow skiing.

Salt Lake City

  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) completed through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

  • Worked with a physical trainer.

  • First 9 college credit hours earned from the University of Utah.

  • Ski Program

  • Employment at Market Street Grill


  • David went to Nepal to volunteer and lived in a Monastery.

  • First month David taught English as a second language to school children, learned mindfulness, experienced the culture and explored the region as part of a group of 30 other students from around the world.

  • Earthquake hits Katmandu. 28 of the students returned home.

  • David and another young man from France stay to give service to the small villages outside of Katmandu.

  • David creates a Go Fund Me account to raise money and to seek out additional supplies.

  • David and his team borrow a truck and for two months picked up supplies from the Red Cross and drove into the mountains to help smaller villages that were not getting help.

Salt Lake City

  • David returns to Salt Lake City and begins the Pacia Life entrepreneurship program.

  • David lands a paid internship working for a carpet cleaning company.

  • David also learns the whole business model including marketing, customer service, finances, licensing, maintenance of assets, etc.

  • Today, David is in his senior year of college.

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