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It Starts With One

Book review by Randy Oakley

A few years ago, I worked with a business consulting team under a three-year contract with an international pharmaceutical company. We were contracted to prepare this company for growth and change that was coming. We used It Starts With One as our primary textbook as we worked with over 120 executives. One of the two authors of It Starts With One, Hal Gregersen, was able to join us for a short time during one of our trips to Moab, Utah, for a business training retreat.

In It Starts with One, Stewart Black and Hal Gregersen take us through seeing the need to change, moving through the change process, and how to finish the change process so that it sticks. Our mental maps and belief systems determine our outcomes.

True Transformation Starts From Within

Stewart and Hal use brilliant examples and metaphors of how our me

In Tatori level 1, under the grand lens, we take time to examine these mental maps and keep the ones serving us and shift the ones that are not. In Tatori level 2, each of us is invited to move through barriers, work on things that we are not good at doing, and create the power of habit.

Hal and Greg give guidance through each stage of the process.

I recommend any of my business clients or students who want to understand change theory better, Tatori Life Coaching, leadership or entrepreneurship give this book a read.

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