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Not by Chance by Dr. Tim Thayne

Book review by Randy Oakley

Tim gave me a personalized autographed copy of his book when it was first released just like he did when his book, Taking the Reins, came out. I began to read it and, at one point, set it on the shelf and never finished. Recently, I felt impressed to pick it up again. Wow, this is worth the read for any parent who has a young adult child in treatment.

Like Tim, I have shared the frustration of seeing thousands of young adults make monumental progress while in wilderness and boarding schools only to return home where things seem to return to the same old patterns.

Pacia Life was founded on meeting many of the unmet needs that Dr. Thayne speaks of after all of the progress inside of treatment has been made.

Topics include:

• Why good programs work which gives ideas of what to look for

• How to be an engaged partner in the treatment process

• The Nine waterfall dangers waiting after discharge

• How to identify natural mentors for your teen

• What to do when the testing begins

• When and how to grant back privileges and freedoms

How to ease your young adult’s transition from treatment to independent living

• When you know you’ve succeeded

If your child is in treatment, this is a must-read.

You can learn about Dr. Tim Thayne and his services by visiting

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