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The Power of Intention

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Book review by Randy Oakley.

One of my personal guru's and coaches is Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I have read most of his books. Attended his training workshops, and have been blessed to spend some small amounts of personal time with Wayne.

I have used his teachings in my own life, my business consulting with other organizations, and with many young adults over the years. In Pacia Life, the Power of Intention is one of the foundational resources that make up Tatori levels 3 and 4.

While I have learned much from Dr. Wayne Dyer, my favorite moment was on Maui, Hawaii, when we joked about how we were both handsome bald men. Wayne had such divine energy of love in his communication and hugs. Wayne lives on Maui, and my two oldest children were born on Maui. Maui is like a second home to me.

The book, The Power of Intention, is a must study for anyone who takes their goal-setting into a deeper and more efficient level. In what I would call Tatori level 3 (and 4), by understanding the power of intention and how to apply it in our lives, everything becomes more meaningful!

Section one deals with the guiding principles of intention, sharing personal stories, and examples of ways to make the connection. Wayne identifies the attributes of the all-creating universal mind of intention as creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, endlessly abundant, and receptive, explaining the importance of emulating this source of creativity.

Randy Oakley Wayne Dyer
Wayne & Randy joking about bald men being beautiful.

In section two, Dr. Dyer offers an intention guide with specific ways to apply the co-creating principles in daily life.

Section three is an exhilarating description of Wayne's vision of a world in harmony with the universal mind of intention.

Having spent two days of training with Wayne in Maui, one of the most exciting parts of the training was the combination of divine love and the power of intention being tied into the scientific research of the biology of belief and how our thought patterns can change our cellular DNA.

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