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As part of what Pacia Life describes as Track 5 or the Personal Growth Track, our domestic and international travel experiences share the purpose of increasing self-awareness, contributing to world citizenship, learning cultural and world perspectives, and broadening possibilities with future careers.

Proven methodology of the Tatori Method uses key intrinsic motivators via Motivational Interviewing; many of our young adults add international cultural and service immersion experiences to their life map boards. Pacia Life uses unique screening and preparation, customizing and creating international experiences (often referred to as a GAP experience) that go far beyond the tourist’s goals.

These experiences are often a significant shift in personal growth for a young adult as they experience distant lands, cultures, and become the giver and partner  to those in need instead of the receiver. Teaching school while living in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal, working on a dude ranch in Argentina or building schools and greenhouses in Peru, caring for orphanage children in East Africa or walking the pilgrimage trail across Europe. The list of available countries and opportunities shifts each year based on changing safety concerns, strength of partner organizations, and political stability, all monitored closely by our teams.

“Living in Nepal with the Buddist Monks was the most powerful experience of my life”
David Nodier
“It was an awakening. I am thankful every day that I spent three months in Nepa, a month in South Africa, and two months in Peru. I was already admitted into college but these experiences made me come back and go a whole different direction with a new college and a different choice of major.

My life has been so enriched by the experience, and so many doors are opened everywhere I go simply by the change in perspective these international service experiences has given me. My friends who haven’t taken a gap year look around and see only college, classes, internships, resumes… I look around and see the entire world waiting for me.”

Nyq Bruzzo
“Heyya! I go by Dave. My travels to the mountain ranches of Argentina and working the land in New Zealand taught me how fulfilling it is to sweat into another country’s soil. To let go of a piece of yourself that you thought was you, and gain some truth. Plus all the delicious goats and tasty rabbits to be to be eaten. Yum. I highly recommend finding your own place of goat and goodness through traveling and gap years.”
Dave Persha

Pacia’s International Team

Pacia Life International Life Coach Teams have been creating customized international experiences for students since 2010. Our coaches have lived abroad, traveled extensively, and have international educational experience. Our team has developed a specialized assessment process that helps determine a student’s personalized guide to travel: how, where, length of stay or travel, group experiences or individualized, more structured or free-form. In addition to our personal history and experiences, we network extensively with partner organizations around the world to create the optimal experience for each client. 

Sarah Persha

Sarah Persha, MA
American GAP Prep Coordinator
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Justin Robinson

Justin Robinson, LCSW

International GASPY and GAP Specialist


Janet Robinson, CSW

International GAP & GASPY Specialist

Craig Pearson

Craig Pearson

Experiential Educator

Randy Oakley

Randy Oakley
GAP Prep and Coordinator
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Lara Pearson

Lara Pearson
GAP Travel Planner
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Rachel Faulkman

Rachel Faulkman, LCSW
International GAP Specialist
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Ramsey Beecher

Ramsey Beecher
Business Owner
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Ariana Dabier

International Specialist

Robert Erdman

Robert Erdman

GAP Specialist