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Pacia Life Portugal

Pacia Life Portugal is a full-service Pacia Life location that offers cultural immersion, educational services for both high school and college students, health, fitness, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, clinical therapy and support if needed, excursion trips to other cities in Portugal, Spain and beyond.

Our housing is 500 metres from the ocean and located near full-service fitness facility, golf courses, and large equestrian facility. Within twenty minutes, students can be hiking, mountain biking and exploring the Sintra-Cascais National Park or be exploring the historic city of Lisbon.

Pacia Portugal can offer international opportunities many young adults can only dream of, and be incredibly beneficial for strengthing your resume for both careers and college acceptance.

“The personal growth that our young adults make through experiencing global citizenship, other cultures, becoming a contributor instead of just a receiver, seeing that the world is a much bigger place than just our home! International vacations are good, but living in another country for a period of time is life-altering,” says Randy Oakley, President of the board of directors for Pacia Life.

Pacia Life in Cascais, Portugal

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Pacia Life Portugal is located in Cascais, just outside of the city of Lisbon. Lisbon and Porto are often found in the top cities in the world to visit by Tripadvisor, US News, etc. The area is rich in history, education, beauty, arts, adventure, and relaxation!

Anyone interested in Pacia Life Portugal begins with a pre-screen application to determine the personal goals, readiness for international cultural immersion, ability to adapt to changing environments, and desire to become a global citizen in a changing world.

This application and interview process assists in designing a customised international growth experience that is right for each young adult and that meets the dreams, desired outcomes, and motivators behind the experience. We also know through years of experience that a poorly chosen study abroad experience can turn out with poor results, which is why we focus on getting the right young adult ready for this experience.

At Pacia we highlight the personal growth and the goal of travel that builds memories for a lifetime. While a customized length of stay can be created, most students commit to living in Portugal for a minimum of four months.

Pacia Gap Assessment determines individually designed international experience(s) to meet specific goals and outcomes:

  • Travel Locations, cultures, and goals
  • Motivators and desired results from the Gap experience
  • Physical, mental and behavioural health planning before during and post-trip
  • Personality and interest assessments to determine the integration of the Gap with “what’s next”
  • Current political, travel, health and safety ratings of the countries and the partner organizations

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Pacia Life Portugal and International Team

Pacia Life Portugal is a blended mix of existing Pacia Life Coaches with years of experience combined with the leadership of Jorge Venceslau and his local team members. Jorge is very experienced, well educated and a visionary leader that is passionate about teaching and inspiring young adults!

Jorge Venceslau

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Dr Mark Burdick

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Jason Webb
Clinical Life Coach
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Jess Baird, Life Coach
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Nick Crowley

Nick Crowley


Zach Pearson

Life Coach

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Kim Matthews

International Coach

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Sarah Persha

Sarah Persha, MA
American GAP Prep Coordinator
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Ariana Dabier

Certified Life Coach, International Guide

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Randy Oakley
GAP Prep and Coordinator
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Lara Oakley
GAP Travel Planner
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