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Kevin B. Jones: Why curiosity is the key

Updated: May 30, 2020

This Ted Talk teaches that science is “Knowledge in Process” is a key component to moving forward in science and in life. The process involves experimentation, failure and revision — and the science of finding our own life mapping is no exception.

Cancer researcher Kevin B. Jones faces the deep unknowns about surgery and medical care with a simple answer: honesty. In a thoughtful talk about the nature of knowledge, Jones shows how science is at its best when scientists humbly admit what they do not yet understand.

Executive Life Coach and CEO, Randy Oakley adds, “Learning to ask the right questions to get the right answers is essential in any learning process.”

Pacia Life is an ongoing partner with TedxSLC. In addition to bringing a class act force for good to Utah, our partnership benefits our Life Coaches and students by exposing them to top notch and innovative people, ideas, and education. This particular Ted Talk was included in the international TED Talk and while the principals talk about science, they also apply to the Tatori Method and personal success.

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