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Young adults who learn Smart Money principals at a young age will always be ahead in life.

"Earned money may not buy happiness, but it does create options, personal security, efficacy and numerous other benefits. The earlier people learn and execute smart money principals, the better off they will be!"

Regardless of age, there is no better time than the now to learn smart money principals. Life Coach Randy Oakley shares, "To transform your financial future, the very basis of your thoughts and daily habits must change."

Life Coach, Billy Nicola and several others do specialized trainings in smart money curriculum combined with real life application in real time. Historical statistics since 2013 show 100% of young adults who engage in being the student who is eager to learn and execute smart money principals love their experience in Pacia Life. Those who present as already knowing what to do or with no interest in smart money execution, struggle. Randy Oakley, who has worked in a coaching role since 1987 states, "There are many parts to the puzzle. However, for those 17 and older, I would suggest that smart money principals and execution may lead to stronger outcomes over therapy, education, self-care and more. I know that is a bold statement. However, having worked in the industries of therapy, residential treatment, wilderness therapy, business coaching, having raised my own children plus having had foster children, I can say that those who focus on fiscal independence are way ahead of those who focus on being dependent." Did you know:

As one of the backbones of success, the Pacia Life Smart Money real-life curriculum is broken up into 6 key segments listed below. Pacia Life, in partnership with NextGen, has created a combination of 65 lessons, 200 activities, over 400 curated videos, and most importantly, a real-life process that is necessary to function inside of Pacia Life.

Topics include the basics of daily budgeting, and then start to branch out to paying for future housing, college, managing credit, financial pitfalls, career, taxes, insurance, etc.

  1. Financial Assessments - Let's find out what you have done already!

  2. 8-hour class plus Pacia Life lab assignments

  3. 18-hour class plus Pacia Life lab assignments

  4. 8-week

  5. Semester course

  6. Master Coaching

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does provide options in life”

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