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To Transform Your Financial Future, The Whole Basis Of Your Thoughts And Daily Habits Must Change

A key backbone to 'adulting' and personal success is to live within our means and to get our money working for us.

Money may not buy inner joy, but it does bring options and opportunities into our lives.

Financial Life Coach, Billy Nicola states, "Emotional regulation and money are directly tied. I can look a person's finances and have a good guess of when they were feeling lonely, or a craving or addiction was haunting them. The way most people handle their money is a barometer to other areas of their lives".

Just like health and nutrition are highly tied to our mental health, our financial health is directly tied to our emotional regulation, executive functioning, impulse control and ability to achieve smart goals.

"Money is an amplifier. It only makes you more of what you already are. People will treat $100 just like they do $1,000 or $100,000. People who are conservative and save their money, when they get more money, they just save more. People who are givers, get more money and they give more. People who are party people, get more money and just throw bigger parties," states Executive Life Coach, Randy Oakley.

Pacia Life Financial Literacy real life curriculum has over 200 formal classes that address everything from credit scores, investing, budgeting to the psychology of shopping for groceries.

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