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Tatori Life Name Change - Pacia Life

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Did you know that Pacia Life was first named Tatori Life?

Tatori was a word created with specialized meaning. Lara Pearson brought the word and meaning to all of us in a brain storm meeting sitting in front of a fire place.

The meaning includes loving ourselves in this moment in time combined with all of our past. And, having a personal and powerful awakening from within. The kind of awakening that inspires us to live up to our potential, to make our lives, families, community and world a better place and most importantly, to love ourselves and find inner peace while moving our lives forward through health, fitness, education, careers, financial self-reliance, international growth experiences and more!

In March of 2014, Randy Oakley hired a website developer by the name of Evan Lord. After explaining what our work and an industry as a whole does one morning, Evan spent the day researching wilderness programs, transitional living programs, residential treatment programs, etc.

The next morning, I got an email entitled, "For your eyes only."

Even explained in the email that he had done internet searches, understood our industry and he had spent some time the night before pondering and meditating upon the service and work we do. Through his research and meditation, he felt our name was supposed to be changed to Pacia Life.

"When I read Evan's email about the name change, I knew it was right. The only mission of our work is to help each young adult and their family feel peace, through real life results!" - Randy Oakley.

The root word of Pacific means peace. Evan shared in his email, and later in a discussion that to him, Pacia or Pacific means peace. And that, Pacia Life or peace is what each of our young adults and their families are seeking after a long journey of therapy, treatment, programs, and more.

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