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Tatori Grand Dream

The grand dream of the Tatori process begins with creating a vision. This ten minute Ted Talk by Patti Dobrowolski is a beautiful illustration of the very first step of the Tatori System.

When you draw a picture of your future, your brain fires up powerful neurons that help you brainstorm better, remember longer, and have a total blast. - Patti Dobrowolski (Visual Thinker + Change Activator)

The Grand Dream, goes much deeper into understanding intrinsic motivators, sustainable self-reliance, grit, resiliency, setting smart goals, strength vs. possible clinical blockages than this TED Talk addresses, this is still a beautiful illustration of the beginning step.

"You must first see it, then believe it, and then graciously ask and train your brain to help you to help you execute your vision." - Patti Dobrowolski

"Over time, as we learn to think differently, we start to know how to do differently. We first must see the need to create a goal of change, then move through the change process and finally finish our goals through the power of habit." - Randy Oakley
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