Matt-My Experience in Salt Lake City

My Pacia Life Experience in Salt Lake City

Matt and his “Accountabilibuddy.”

Matt prefers not to use face pictures for professional and career reasons. However, Matt is happy to speak with future or current Pacia students. Matt has an inspirational story (much of which is not shared here).

Matt was older than most of our students when he came to us at Pacia. All of our students bring a wealth of life experiences but Matt brought the most. He had lived overseas, been married and divorced, and earned an MBA. He had also struggled with sobriety most of his life.

During his time in Pacia Salt Lake City, Matt worked his butt off. He arrived with a lot of drive and a lot of strong opinions about what was best for him moving forward. Pacia’s flexible model allowed us to adapt to his goals while pushing him out of his normal patterns.

Matt arrived motivated to stay sober. But like other times before, Matt struggled staying sober and living in real life settings.