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Matt-My Experience in Salt Lake City

My Pacia Life Experience in Salt Lake City

Matt and his “Accountabilibuddy.”

Matt prefers not to use face pictures for professional and career reasons. However, Matt is happy to speak with future or current Pacia students. Matt has an inspirational story (much of which is not shared here).

Matt was older than most of our students when he came to us at Pacia. All of our students bring a wealth of life experiences but Matt brought the most. He had lived overseas, been married and divorced, and earned an MBA. He had also struggled with sobriety most of his life.

During his time in Pacia Salt Lake City, Matt worked his butt off. He arrived with a lot of drive and a lot of strong opinions about what was best for him moving forward. Pacia’s flexible model allowed us to adapt to his goals while pushing him out of his normal patterns.

Matt arrived motivated to stay sober. But like other times before, Matt struggled staying sober and living in real life settings.

This time was different!

Matt worked with a team on everything from following the 80/20 rule of finances, sobriety, to losing over 60 lbs working with his nutrition coach, gym workouts and personal hikes, to steady full time employment, a healthy social life, and a number of other personal goals.

Three things Matt started to thrive on over time.

  1. Accountability was not about Pacia coaches being in control. It was about Matt being accountable to his own goals and sticking with them, even when it was hard.

  2. A well rounded life approach of personal success habits, health, social life, accepting guidance from therapist and coaches, security that comes through financial management, etc.

  3. Matt has become the giver, teacher, the one that helps others!

That, and he needed his coach Allyson. While Matt worked with a team of coaches in the beginning, there was on Coach that Matt would

Matt's advice to other Pacia Life students!

“You will get out of this program what you put into this program. Take advantage of all the amazing resources at your disposal: be accountable with your life coaches; be honest in therapy; improve your diet and exercise with fitness sessions and the nutritionist; and, learn to say yes to things that you may have said no to before."

Matt's Grand Dream - Tatori Life Coaching

  • Sobriety through AA

  • Establish healthy lifestyle

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Fitness with WFA

  • Build a social circle

  • A Career that gives back

  • Improved family relationships

  • Financial independence

Salt Lake City Experience

  • Explored several therapists before finding one that he really connected with. She gave him the opportunity to safely talk about things that he had always had to bottle up and defend.

  • Matt completed working the 12-steps and currently has 20 months of continuous sobriety.

  • When Matt arrived he hated the wilderness and anything that had to do with being outdoors. Now Matt hikes over 30 miles a week and feels comfortable spending a night camping.

  • Shifted mentality from constant blaming of others to self-accountability and repair.

  • $15,000 in savings while here at Pacia. (which at the time of this blog, set a new Pacia record for most money saved while living in Pacia)

  • Matt slowly took on many of his own bills throughout the program including health insurance, car insurance, and cell phone plan.

  • Today, Matt is 100% self-reliant financially.

  • Matt now enjoys mentoring young men who remind him of a younger version of himself.

  • Matt says it best above learn to say yes to things that you may have said no to before.” This alone has changed his life so much!

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