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My Pacia Life Experience - Erin. Don't judge me by my past, I don't live there anymore.

Erin came to Pacia Life Salt Lake City after going through a long personal journey. Erin's family provided amazing support but that didn't stop her experience of eleven different treatment facilities and hospitalizations a total of 17 different times. At one point, her eating disorder became life threatening.

During her time in Pacia Salt Lake City, Erin and her team took a very different approach to moving her life forward. Today, Erin refers to her team in Salt Lake City as her "Utah family" and returns from time to time to visit.

Erin's advice to other Pacia Life students, "You may hate your coaches in the moment. I did. But the very people I hated the most are the one's that I love the most. Just do what they teach you," - Erin

The Grand Dream - Tatori Life Coaching

  • Learn to love herself.

  • Be “normal” (17 therapeutic programs before coming to Pacia).

  • Have a healthy relationship with food.

  • Have a healthy relationship with her body.

  • Have a healthy relationship with friends.

  • Have a healthy dating life.

  • Have a strong and secure savings account.

  • Learn to depend on herself, rather than others.

Salt Lake City Experience

  • Stopped going to traditional therapy, as the cycle of being “broken” needed to stop.

  • Embraced real-world and in-vivo style of life coaching.

  • Through a committed process of working with nutritionists and personal trainers, Erin got to a place where actually working at a fitness center was a positive and productive experience. She became one of their top employees for customer service.

  • Shifted mentality from constant blaming of others to self-accountability and repair.

  • Shifted her initial resistance around financial coaching. At first felt it was too controlling, but eventually saw it as a true educational and empowering experience.

  • Erin learned she actually really enjoyed and resonated with the concepts of saving and investing, so much to the point that she actually contributed more aggressively to her savings than was even suggested by Pacia Life.

  • Her mindset completely shifted once she was dealing with her own money, rather than her parents’ money.

  • Saved $8000 while at Pacia, working part time.

  • Has stayed in contact throughout the years and reports now having over $40,000 in her personal savings account.

  • Erin has become a care giver for others!

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