International Business
Developer and Executive Coach

As a visionary who works with high-end executives but has a strong passion for young adults, Randy coaches young adults to not only explore their potential but to bring reliable results to their combined need to think both traditionally and “out-of-the-box” as entrepreneurs.  


Randy believes that the current young adult generation is naturally being trained to think differently, to think like an entrepreneur.


Randy will often be heard saying, "This generation is the smartest and informationally rich generation of all times. They are not seeking information from leaders, parents or school teachers like older generations. But, they are not sure what to do with all of the information that they have at their fingertips. They are seeking mentors and coaches to guide them. But, not to control them." 


However, without some strong guidance, “out of the box” life experiences, coaching, and learning to focus the informationally and idea-rich brains of our current generation, the lack of grit, resiliency, and focus will bring a much lower life result than their potential.

With international living and global business relationships his resources, Randy brings successful ventures to programs that produce thriving global citizens. Randy’s personal experiences traveling and living abroad have created a strong passion for young adults to do GAP year, internships, and service missions in conjunction with clinical support services and traditional education. 

Randy grew up in Missouri, has lived in Europe, Hawaii, and has made Utah his home. Randy and his wife Lara live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together, they have passions around spending time with their kids, concerts, skiing, traveling, and just being at home together!

Randy received his BA in Youth Leadership with an emphasis in Therapeutic Studies from Brigham Young Unversity. 

Randy is the primary founder and co-founder of Pacia Life  (2013) as well as the founder of Aspiro Wilderness Adventure (2005), Pure Life Adventure (2012), and has been instrumental in work with Daniels Academy, West Ridge Academy, and Surf House Puerto Rico. In May of 2017, Randy stepped out of daily operations in Pacia Life but still plays a significant role in teaching, coaching, and training.  

Students who wish to work with Randy Oakley as a coach in the entrepreneurship or GAP Year tracks must commit to a weekly coaching process, keep appointments, and do the homework assigned. Randy makes it clear that he is excited to work with any student that has the grit to take things to the next level! 

Randy Oakley, Life Coach, Paris France