summer, Semester or gap year for high school students

High School students

3 options

  1. Experience Europe with the home base in Portugal
  2. CAISL - Carlucci American International School
  3. High School on line

Looking for a Summer Gap experience or a full year of high school, why not kick start your life by doing something worthwhile with this fantastic leap into European culture at the same time. 

Students get to participate in a cultural immersion experience combined with education, our full life coaching curriculum, and personal supports customized around your individual needs. These supports may include daily living routines, tutors to complement your education, clinical supports to keep working on personal challenges, executive functioning, and much more. 

In the end, students have a life long resume building experience designed to accelerate the next chapters of their life. 


Students live in Pacia housing with their mentors, will experience or learn daily living skills of all types and experience Portugal along with excursions to other parts of Europe. 


Another option for a student seeking a deeper cultural experience is to transfer to a homestay family during their second semester.  

Pacia Life Portugal is different by design. 

 Some say that the world is our campus! The best classrooms have no walls. The experience itself is the education and personal growth sometimes.   If you are just looking for a vacation, we are not the place. Go do that on your own or with your family. We are about having a life-changing learning experience. 

With a unique blend of:

  • GAP year experiences and European cultural immersion, language, culture, education, and adventure. But even the 'adventure' is by design to create personal growth, education, grit, resiliency, global citizenship, and more. 

  • A life coaching process designed to accelerate your life. We call it the Tatori Experience. 

  • Personal supports as needed that other international experiences don't have. Personal supports can range from everything to learning daily success habits, executive functioning, daily living on your own, clinical supports to overcome the pull of the past, etc. 

CAISL - Carlucci American International School of Lisbon


Founded in 1956, the Carlucci American International School of Lisbon (known as CAISL) is a private international school located in a wealthy suburb on the Portuguese Riviera about 10 minutes away from Pacia Life housing. Classes are taught in English. 

CAISL is accreditated through the joint accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges from the United States (NEAS&C). All school credits and diplomas are fully transferable. 

CAISL also operates under a permanent license from the Portuguese Ministry of Education to offer an American curriculum academic program. This allows transfers to and from the European school system and allows a student to earn both a U.S. diploma or an International Baccalaureate (I.B.) diploma. 

Please visit the school website to understand the tuition, arts, sports, languages, student government, and activities along with all of the other full offerings. 



online high school

Students who prefer a less social academic environment or who like to do learning at their own pace may also choose a home school high school online option. 

Pacia Life coaches will work with the student to create a daily school routine, tutoring if needed, and systems of accountability to stay on track. 

Often, Pacia Life P.A.R.C. team will also use online school classes to assist in credit recovery options as well. 

Pacia Life may partner with one or more of several options, but most of the time, students enroll in the University of Nebraska High School program. All credits are transferable and accredited. 

Click the button below if you would like to learn more about the University of Nebraska's High School program. 

Internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing and more

Advancing your personal growth and resume through education and/or experiences that may include internships, apprenticeships, volunteering, job shadowing, and more can substantially propel your future education, career, and life ahead! 


Doing anyone of the above options does require a commitment to numerous hours a week and once you commit, you need to live in integrity and follow through with your commitments. 

Expectations and agreements

While we understand that different people have personal challenges, and Pacia Life is ready to support you in those challenges,  all students are expected to live with integrity, respect for other people, respect for the local laws and culture, and to be active with at least 40 to 75 hours a week of productive time. 

Pacia Life Portugal is a community environment. All students must learn to work together for the common good of everyone in the housing and community. 

You will be asked to live by an agreement. The agreement is this. "I agree to do what is best for everyone around me, leaving no one left out, including myself."  

During the admissions process, each student will do a student interview and these questions can be reviewed in greater detail.