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Keith andrews

Clinically informed life coach  residential mentor

Hi, my name is Keith Andrews. I was born and raised in Juneau Alaska. I grew up exploring the mountains, glaciers, and rainforests of Southeast Alaska with a pair of skis, hiking boots, boats, lots of rain gear with contagious happiness and stoke for life in general and the outdoors. ​

For 15 months before starting at Pacia Life, I worked for Aspiro Adventures as an adventure wilderness therapy guide. I took at-risk young adults to all the corners of Utah to learn about themselves and what they have to change in their lives to be a successful functional human in society. My primary responsibility included leading experiential adventure activities designed to promote personal growth outcomes. As a therapeutic adventure guide, I used the power of relationship and solution-focused thinking to create natural conversation and ceremony to guide young adults to make better choices in their lives. 

Before that, I worked full time as a firefighter EMT #1 and going to school full-time for an associates degree in municipal fire fighting in Fairbanks Alaska, which is roughly 200 miles south of Arctic Circle. In Summers between college classes, I worked as a hiking guide, land surveying assistant, helicopter glacier Guide, river rafting guide, and as a commercial fisherman on a long lining boat, gillnetting boat and tender! Most of my work has been outside in wild places!

Sometime After high school, I also finished an outdoor studies certificate from the University of Alaska Southeast. 

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