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Craig and his wife, Kook, raised their family in Milton, New Hampshire. A 90-minute drive from the city of Boston.

Craig’s professional resume includes having worked as a special education teacher in New Hampshire from 1989 to 1996. From 1996 through 2002, Craig started his own businesses that focused around serving youth and creating alternative education and experiential teaching programs for at risk youth.

One of the programs Craig developed (Internet cafe) run by Newfound area school district was featured on the PBS kids show Zoom. Another experiential educational learning program that Craig created included business education through running a functioning bike shop was also featured on NH PBS for the innovative learning programs that he had created.

Craig shared, “I was busy teaching high school kids that were struggling in their education. We were teaching them all of the things they were supposed to be learning in the classroom, but we were doing it through their passions in addition to traditional classroom work. We taught experientially. We were teaching young adults how to be limitless. If a kid had an interest, I created the vehicle for it. At one point, I founded a company called ‘Neverbored, Inc.’ We had everything from bike repair shops to recording studio. At one point, public school funding challenges closed that door. That is when I went to work for Short Ridge Academy from 2002 through 2013”.

In 2013, Craig co-founded Surf House Puerto Rico. In 2016, Surf House partnered with Pacia Life which added additional resources and services to the overall ability to serve young adults.

As the founder of Pacia Life Puerto Rico and Pacia Life Boston, Craig has professionally counseled and supported young adults since 1989. Craig is a strength-based leader with a Master Degree in Emotional and Behaviors Disorders from Notre Dame College. His work with students and their families has helped hundreds of students achieve their goals of independence and improved relationships.

In addition to regularly reading, Craig’s hobbies include mountain biking, soccer, the New England Patriots, surfing, and spending time with his family.

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