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Alan Houghtaling

leaderhsip - BOSTON

Alan brings two decades of experience working with teens and young adults in widely varied environments to his work with Pacia Life. The common thread has always been helping them grow, face their challenges and find their inspiration.

Alan is the founder and director of Evolve, an award-winning Boston based company that offers tutoring, college admissions consulting, and teen/young adult life coaching. This work was the initial connection with Pacia, as he and his team supported a number of students academically at Pacia Boston. Through numerous conversations with visionaries Randy Oakley and Craig Pearson, it became clear that there was an alignment of philosophy, values, and vision, and so Alan came on board in a more official leadership capacity in 2018.

In his role as a Director, Alan works closely with the Pacia Boston team in a number of capacities. On the academic front, he supports students in creating their educational blueprint and then works with the coaches to make sure those plans are being carried out. 


He also works with Sarah Persha to deepen his knowledge and ensure P.A.R.C. East coast services are running smoothly. Finally, Alan serves as a leadership advisor to Craig Pearson and offers coaching and professional development to the staff in Boston.

In his personal life, Alan is an avid learner, always trying to expand his knowledge base, and pushing himself to remain open to new challenges and experiences. He thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, mountain biking, following the local arts and sports scenes, and being with good friends and family. Mostly though, you can find him spending time with his wife, a Yoga instructor/studio owner, and their ever-changing 5-year-old son, who keeps them both on their toes!

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