Michelle Marchant
High On Life Coach

Michelle and her husband Troy on top of Angles Landing in Zions National Park

As a certified and seasoned life coach, Michelle uses specialized training programs that focus on removing limiting beliefs from our daily thoughts and retraining our sub-conscience minds to step into a place of power and producing results is highly effective for those who are willing to do the deep interpersonal work from within.

Michelle has been doing life coaching on both an individual and business level for years. In addition to her private clients, she is a coach and trainer in the business world. Michelle states, “Working with executive clients in the business world reaffirms that to be a success in business starts with building successful individuals. Teaching these same skills to young adults who are at a stage in their life that can really shape and redirect their whole future is exciting for me!”

Michelle comes with vast experiences in teaching and facilitating self-help workshops as well.

Michelle cautions that so many people think that a few positive affirmations or positive visualizations will change their lives. Her training and coaching models help us understand the relationship between the conscious mind and the very powerful programs that determine most of our actions that come from the un-conscience mind.