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Johnny Tock - Bill Lane Award

Pacia and Atlas Life gives our highest congratulations to Johnny Tock, who is honored with the Bill Lane Hospitality award in 2021.

Randy Oakley shares, "Anyone that knew Bill Lane, knows that his heart was full of love, brought people together, remembered every detail about people, had a smile larger than life and the most important thing is that Bill (and Bob) and their team did real work with young adults and families. Of all the compliments that Bill Lane’s legacy leaves is that he loved and served. Jonny Tock is a younger version of Bill Lane!"

From the formal announcement: "Johnny Tock has been named the recipient of The Second Annual Bill Lane Hospitality Award for embodying Bill's tremendous legacy of unparalleled friendliness, connection, and service to youth and families. Johnny's warm smile, charismatic energy, and expertise with young adults combined with his beautiful interviews during COVID provided an engaging diversion over the last year and a half that resembles Bill Lane, one of the most respected people in the industry!

Johnny used the virtual space to keep us all connected while we were sheltered in place. He graciously invited guests from the world of education, treatment, and consulting to join him on his virtual couch, and we are so grateful that he did! He didn't make it about marketing but about getting to know the real person. We're excited to pass the torch to Johnny!"

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