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robinson, LCSW

certified clincial life coach

Justin Robinson has a long history as a parent, foster parent and professional. 

With an undergraduate degree in recreational therapy and a masters degree in social work, some of Justin's professional accomplishments include:

  • LCSW Therapist

  • Program Director at West Ridge Academy

  • Clinical Director of Aspiro Wilderness Adventure in 2006

  • Executive Director of Daniels Academy in 2010 

  • Co-Founder of Pure Life Adventures in Costa Rica in 2011

  • Co-Founder of New Perspectives in 2013

  • An executive leader in Pacia Life 2013 - 2019


Justin's innovative leadership, challenging the status quo and creating solutions that are different by design have served hundreds of young adults. 

Justin has spent considerable amounts of time living and traveling in Central America and Puerto Rico. Justin has a strong belief in using experiential education, domestic and international immersion experiences combined with clinical expertise to guide young adults through a step by step change process. 

To learn more about Justin's current status, click here. 

Justin Robinson
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