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clinically informed Life coach, parc specialist, Tatori Trainer, 

After graduating from Keene State College with a B.A. in Psychology, Zach spent a year working as a paraprofessional in a Middle School and as a direct support professional for Monadnock Developmental Services. This led Zach to a discovery that would change his life's trajectory. Zach realized that he loved to help people, and he found he could connect with people on a deep and meaningful level. 

Zach moved to Puerto Rico in the summer of 2016, where he began working for Pacia Life as a residential mentor. He quickly fell in love with the job and the unique opportunities that Pacia and the island of Puerto Rico provided. Zach pushed himself to grow both as a person and a professional while discovering how to help others do the same. Within that same year, Zach was promoted to the role of Life Coach. He had found his calling.

Zach spent the next two years working for Pacia Life in Puerto Rico while also taking some time to go and experience Pacia Life in Salt Lake City and Boston. When Pacia Life announced that they were opening a European Pacia location in Portugal, Zach knew that it was time to embark on the next big adventure. 

Zach spent a year working for Pacia Life in Portugal, helping establish a new location and continuing to grow both as a person and as a clinically informed Life Coach. Zach's time in Portugal reinforced a concept that he had already discovered in Puerto Rico; that travel is powerful and true breakthroughs happen outside of one's comfort zone.

Zach recently returned to the United States and is taking on a bigger role as a trainer for Pacia Life Coaches. Zach hopes to take everything he has learned from working in four different Pacia Life locations and bring it to the training and education of staff members across all of Pacia Life's locations. This allows Zach to continue doing what he loves while serving as an asset for every Pacia Life location.

Zach is a lifelong learner who is always looking for new ways to challenge himself. While working for Pacia Life, Zach has established his own photography business, Zach Pearson Photo, honing his skills by taking pictures for Pacia Life while also creating his own brand as an action/adventure photographer. Zach now offers a beginner photography course to Pacia Life students who are interested in developing their skills either professionally or as a hobby photographer. 

Zach is an avid hiker, writer, and athlete. He grew up hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and thoroughly believes that the mountains taught him all of his most valuable lessons. Zach believes in the power of nature and the power of stories, both of which he brings to his life coaching process. Throughout his life, he has always loved to share his passions and help other people find their own.

"For me, working with Pacia Life has always been the perfect match. Pacia Life's philosophy embraces creativity and the power of experience. I have learned all of my most valuable lessons by pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone. I love Pacia Life because it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and it allows me to help others do that same."

Zach Pearson, clinically informed life coach, entrepreneur, tatori trainer, photographer
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