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Master Chef, Financial Advisor, A/V Specialist

Will is a career an entrepreneur who specializes in long-term personal finance planning to bring sustainable self-reliance into people’s lives, audio visual production, computer repairs, and a master chef.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake. Cooking, inspiring, and making others happy has always been my passion.

I’ve been cooking my entire life and I am excited to be personal chef and caterer. Happily catering since 2006 creating numerous unique dishes, flavors, and friends.

I love to create memories for my dinners through flavors and experiences. My favorite requests are those that are creative and memorable.

I am the most experienced at cooking for weddings, birthdays for young and old, parties for holidays and just because. I have cooked and judged in competitions large and small. Working in many different restaurants from small family owned cafe’s to fancy restaurants downtown Salt Lake and Park City Utah has given me a great perspective of local people and cuisine.

I also love to teach! In high school I was fortunate enough to aid the cooking teacher for two years. After graduating, I knew that I wanted to inspire more people to have a passion for food and give them the tools necessary to lead a healthy and self-efficient lifestyle. When I ever get the opportunity to pass on my love and passion for the culinary world I always give it everything I can.

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