Academic Specialist, PARC,
ASL Teacher

As a public education high school teacher, Tressa has worked with thousands of students over the last decade. She more than recognizes that not everyone learns in the same way. Her understanding that different people process and retain information differently is one of the things that makes her so valuable to the individualized approach Pacia takes with each student. Tressa brings her knowledge and expertise of traditional education and is able to to masterfully create teaching opportunities in environments outside of the classroom that are supportive of experiential learning.

Raised in a family of eight children, Tressa is familiar and has experience with varied family dynamics.

She’s spent her lifetime developing unfaltering patience and the unique ability to connect with everyone through finding some form of common ground. She’s an excellent observer of human interaction and continually offers valuable insights often missed by others.

When not volunteering her time and talents, Tressa enjoys camping, biking, rock climbing, hiking, and simply existing in nature. The more often her dog Ella can come along for those adventures, the better.