susan mcgallian


Susan is a recent graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Poultry Science. She had plans to pursue a career in the poultry industry but did not feel it was the direction she needed to go.


She spent a year afterward working close to home which gave her the time to figure out where she needed to be. After a few impactful life events, she developed a passion for mental health awareness and helping others find a positive state of mental health. She strives to spend her life connecting to people on a personal level and wants to help people that are struggling as she did.


Susan has a passion for the arts. She loves reading, writing, painting, and admiring what others have created. She gets joy from meeting and learning about new people and is ready for a grand life adventure. She also finds fulfillment in doing things for and with others and will often act like a mother hen to satisfy her craving to serve them.

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