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Sohan Abad Del Valle

ICF Certified Life Coach

Having grown up in Puerto Rico, Sohan is fluent in both Spanish and English and has studied French. Her college studies from the Universidad de Puerto Rico in psychology and social sciences also lead her to become a certified International Coach Federation (ICF) Life Coach.  Through her schooling, previous experience, and the Tatori Method allows her to take young adults through a thought-provoking and creative process. Her goal is to inspire them to maximize the personal and professional next chapters of their lives!


Sohan shares, "The things I enjoy most of this life are nature, listening, writing, loving, music, the beach, and Rincón! The quality I enjoy most of my self is my empathy. I am passionate about growing and helping everyone grow every day. 

Since I can recall, I have a passion for nature and helping everyone around me. With this notion and my love for the West Side of Puerto Rico, I moved to Mayagüez and started studying Psychology and Social Sciences in UPR Mayagüez. While I was studying, I started working for Paddle Paradise Puerto Rico, here is where my outdoor Coaching and Psychology took life. I led Team Buildings, Summer Camp activities, Boy Scout groups, and the Zipline at Paddle Paradise. This became my favorite job; to be able to work closely with people through nature was inspiring in every way. 

My journey as a Life Coach began in the early part of 2018 when I realized Psychology, psychiatry, labels, and our Health System was not my place. And so, I started looking into all that had to do with Wellness and Holistic points of view. I am now an ICF certified Life and Wellness Coach. A job I enjoy greatly because growing up in a society where everything seems to have limits and realizing the only real limit is our self, ignited a huge desire in me to spread this notion to the world. In my coaching, I center love and judge-free style. I like to view the world as an infinite space of possibilities. It is my desire to help each person I cross paths with to bloom, in their own unique and passionate way. 

Joining Pacia first in Puerto Rico and now in Portugal, means a big opportunity in this area of helping the world grow for the better, making a positive and important change in this world. For me, being part of this fantastic family means making a positive impact on other lives. It means bringing out that fire, that light in every person we serve. It means getting one step closer to helping this world grow positively. I am forever grateful".

Sohan also blogs - you can read more by clicking HERE:

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