housing options

There are multiple housing options for Pacia Life students in Salt Lake City. 

However, most students start in our Trolley Square centralized apartment housing, where there are six different apartments and four coaches that live on site. 

The Trolley Square housing units are near Liberty park that gives access to the Tracy Aviary, paddleboats, volleyball, tennis, jogging paths, water fountains, swimming pool, horseshoes, large open spaces, and numerous community events. 

Historic Trolley Square shopping center gives students access to all of their personal needs, multiple grocery stores, and access to numerous jobs.

All Pacia Life housing is near public transportation that creates easy access throughout Salt Lake City and extends to Park City to the East, Provo to the South, and Ogden to the North. 

This gives students access to a wide range of colleges, vocational schools, jobs, museums, theatre, ski resorts, hiking trails, golf courses, rock climbing, and much more. 

Salt lake living


Beaches, surfing, sailing, scuba, ocean biology & sunshine. 

Full lessons and certifications available to build your resume, self-efficacy and healthy lifestyles


From Lisbon, trips throughout Portugal, Spain and beyond are within reach.

All within six hours - depending on student goals, trips to Lisbon, Porto, Madrid and surrounding areas are just hours away.


Formal education, internships, experiences ... 

Work hard, take advantage, opportunities abound!


Whatever the options that you choose, take full advantage!

Global citizenship

With fast-paced changing political environments, we are all connected. 

Never before has global citizenship become more important.

First of all, Estoril and Cascais are two cities but to the outside eye, they are one. So, we use them interchangeably.


Living in Cascais

Daily living includes:

  • The city of Cascais

  • Two housing options

    • A beautiful, private residence with private swim pool, work out room, etc.

    • For students who are ready for more independence and long-term living, we offer additional housing options.

  • Swimming pool (seasonal)

  • Work out facilities in your home

  • Gardening boxes for a farm to table fresh foods

  • Yoga studio

Within 10 to 20 minutes
Within 20 to 60 minutes
  • Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

  • Sintra-Cascais Natural Park – A beautiful mountain forest

  • Sintra Castle

  • The city of Lisbon

  • International Universities (Some classes are in English)

  • Museums, Arts, History

  • Every type of sport, adventure, recreation

pacia academic resource continum

PARC is a college preparation, college preservation, and skills acceleration support model for traditional, non-traditional and hybrid academic programs customized to each student’s needs. Portugal is one of the locations we offer PARC.


Each location is independently owned and operated. Business mail can be sent to the address below and will be forwarded to the correct address and individual.

1914 East 9400 South

Suite 325
Sandy, Utah 84093





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