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business owner & entrepreneur

Always in the service of others, Ramsay has provided humanitarian service all over the world.

Working as a team lead with Mothers Without Boarders, Ramsay has made multiple trips to Africa and Haiti.

Other trips to Africa, in coordination with the Forever Young Foundation, are on the horizon for Ramsey. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Ramsey understands the unique challenges of creating your life instead of just letting life happen to you. An experienced mentor to literally thousands of clients, Ramsey also carries the ability to bring laughter and high energy to the process. When Ramsay is not volunteering, he still dedicates his professional career to blessing others lives.

Working on a business consultant team, he has traveled all over the United States, Spain, and Turkey assisting in teaching Change Theory models to business executives through experiential adventure techniques developed by Randy Oakley, Dr. Mark Widmer, Dr. Stacy Taniguchi and Hal Gregersen.

Ramsay has spent years helping young men and women to overcome their negative addictive behaviors in his work as an outdoor adventure specialist well trained in risk management, river guiding, mountain biking, mountaineering, canyoneering, rock climbing, skiing, and back country travel. Riding his mountain bike on the slick rock trail in Utah, a river guide in the Himalayan Mountains of India, an assistant professor to student semester abroad and GAP year programs in New Zealand, climbing volcano’s in Indonesia, or his all time passion, leading expeditions in the Amazon Jungles of Peru, Ramsay is a seasoned and accomplished life mentor and adventure guide.

You can learn more about Ramsay at

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