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lcsw therapist

An outdoor enthusiast, LCSW therapist, a college professor at the University of Utah and life skills mentor, Rachel brings her passion and contagious smile with her everywhere she goes.

While Rachel has an impressive resume and experience in the field, she also 'lives her own dreams' by living life to the fullest! 

Rachel graduated with a Master of Social Work from the University of Utah and finds fulfillment in life through connection with others.

After spending the past eight years of her life working in the Mental Health Field, Rachel continues to wake each day with a newfound enthusiasm for life, culture, and people. Rachel believes each of us has a moral compass within, and with the right mentorship, can discover how to listen to our compass and manifesting dreams as realities.

Branching out into many areas of the Social Work Field, Rachel has experience ranging from clients on the Autism Spectrum to Refugee and Immigrant resettlement to severe substance use and other addictions. Most of her time has been spent with teenagers and young adults in Wilderness Therapy, Residential Treatment, Foster Care and Outpatient settings, as well as play therapy with young children.


Rachel believes in the resiliency of the human Spirit and our individual and collective ability to accomplish dreams and goals. Through her own experiences backpacking across New Zealand for four months and multiple extended cultural immersion experiences throughout Europe, the Caribbean islands, Mexico and beyond Rachel believes that most young adults learn experientially through experiences. 

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