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Puerto rico

Currently, our location in Puerto Rico is undergoing a shift in housing and location. Please check back for more information. 
Bienvenido from Pacia Life Puerto rico. 
Pacia Life Puerto Rico offers a 45-120 day transitional living experience specifically designed to prepare young adults for entry into adulthood, college, jobs, career, social life and beyond. With an emphasis on leadership, service, and exploration don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity to explore the beauty of the island, participate in meaningful community service, open doors into exciting new career options, and develop important life and leadership skills along the way.

Exploration…Under the guidance of our Life Coaches, young adults at Pacia Life Puerto Rico will not only explore their surroundings but also themselves. Through a powerful structured model designed to increase self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation through self-determination theory processes, opportunities to be the giver instead of just the receiver, processes designed to improve executive functioning for adulthood responsibilities mixed with plenty of time to have fun!

The power of an individual is similar to the captain of a sailboat. We all have things in our lives that we can’t control. These are the winds, pushing us in directions that we may not want to go. We also have things we can control. These are the sails and the steering wheel. We can adjust these things for better or worse. At Pacia Life Puerto Rico we work with our students in creating a Tatori Life Map to identify their own personal winds and sails. We’re going to help them explore new ways to work with the wind, adjust the sails, and turn the steering wheel towards a better future.

Leadership…Pacia Life Puerto Rico uses immersive adventure-based activities to teach students important life and leadership skills while also providing them with certifications to build a more diverse resume. Through our partnership with Rincon Sailing, students can pursue certifications all the way from US Sailing Level One to US Sailing Level Two, to Small Boat Instructor. Under the expert instruction of Climbing Life Guides, students can learn the mental and physical art of rock climbing and earn a Single Pitch Instructor Certification. By acquiring a scuba diving certification with Taino Divers students learn to appreciate a whole new world under the water. Through our partnership with Rincon Surf School, students learn the patience and grit required to succeed at surfing.By participating in this plethora of adventure based activities students learn to effectively lead others and take charge of their own lives.

Service…Pacia Life Puerto Rico has joined forces with nonprofit organizations such as Act 2, PR Rises, Warfighters DRT, and more to provide amazing community service opportunities for our students. Service projects include food and water distribution, sustainable agriculture, and cleanup of storm-damaged beaches and properties. Service projects take students to various parts of the island from the small mountainous towns of the interior, to large businesses such as the Mayaguez Zoo.

Pacia Life Purto Rico focuses on helping young adults between the ages of 17 and 24, who are searching for guidance to fulfill their dreams. Whether it’s completing a high school diploma, starting college, learning through non-traditional experiential education/entrepreneurial ways, wanting to experience the opportunity of cultural immersion or just needing to create their life map, Pacia Puerto Rico is worth exploring. Our goal is to give young adults a transformative experience during which they find their direction and motivation, repair their relationships, move forward in education and careers, and learn to live their lives with responsibility and integrity.

About Rincón, Puerto Rico

Pacia Puerto Rico is located in the Western Region of Puerto Rico in the town of Rincón. Rincón, founded in 1771 by Luis de Añasco, is now known as “Pueblo del Surfing” (the surfing town) and “El Pueblo de Los Bellos Atardeceres” (the town of beautiful sunsets). With a distinctive and proud Spanish culture, the West Coast of Puerto Rico offers a diverse and educated people. English is widely spoken, and residents maneuver effortlessly between Spanish and English. Rincón is known for its sunsets, amazing surfing and collection of beautiful coral reefs teeming with turtles and tropical fish…what a way to learn about life!

Rincón may have the best experiential education opportunities; however, traditional education is also available. Pacia Life Puerto Rico has a high school completion and credit recovery program.


 The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez is only a half hour away and is the second largest University of the University of Puerto Rico system. The campus offers 49 baccalaureate program options through the Colleges of Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Business Administration and Arts and Sciences. The University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla is 20 minutes from Rincon. The private Inter-American University is also located in Aguadilla and enrolls 1500 students.Other educational opportunities include ICPR Junior CollegeUniversal Technology College of Puerto Rico and the Universidad del Turabo in Isabela.

Puerto Rico is the perfect place for young people to reinvent themselves and come into their own. Many opportunities are available while learning or improving Spanish such as working in hospitality, learning about agriculture and just taking more time to enjoy simple things like bicycling and skateboarding to eat at local food trucks and street festivals. Life on the Island is simple yet powerful.