COVID-19 Update March 25th

Updated: Mar 26

Dear Students, Families, Friends, and Colleagues,

As we continue to monitor the ever-changing updates and guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, we want you to know that our goal is to is keep our clients and your loved ones safer in our care than anywhere else.

Here are a few updates:

  • While coaches are seeking to follow all safety recommendations, all Pacia Life services are 100% functional. We are encouraging students to take advantage of additional resources and education that are often overlooked by most students. We will be updating all students and families with specific examples.

  • We are monitoring all staff and students health.

  • Student grocery shopping in all locations has been shut down. Students are having their groceries delivered at this time.

  • In recent weeks, the Pacia Life Portugal location along with all GAP year coaching and travel has been shut down until further notice.

  • All clinical services have been reviewed and in some cases, increased for students that are experiencing additional needs for support during this time.

  • Following recommendations surrounding COVID-19 safety, Pacia Life students and coaches have become more innovative around how to safely do activities every day.

  • In Boston and Salt Lake City, our housing is community-based and not milieu or campus-based. Our ability to create small social groups while keeping our main student body separated is already in place.

  • All students are being coached and encouraged to take advantage of numerous courses and curriculums offered by Pacia Life. See Link for more information.

  • While some students with jobs have been affected, our students enrolled in higher education are adapting and modifying their educational experience like all students across the country right now. Pacia PARC coaches are adapting quickly to support students in this process.

Admissions Update

  • As of March 25th, we are still open to accepting new admissions. However, each new admission is dependent on new screening protocols. Please call for additional information regarding potential students.

  • In some cases, a new student may be asked to stay in secluded housing for the first 14 days. However, all typical Tatori processes will still take place during that first 14 days as long as they are in alignment with safety protocols.

  • We are also reviewing admission processes on a daily basis. While we are currently open to accepting applications, this could change at any moment.

The safety and wellness of our clients and staff will remain our top priority. Please follow us on our website and Facebook page for regular updates.

Thank you,

From Our Pacia Life Team


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